Rabu, 16 Desember 2015


Nobody may judge somebody. Everybody see themselves by what they have inside.

Lowest effort somebody could give is repair their lacks, highest effort somebody may have is their effort appeciated.


My sweet humble funny girl. Jagoan dan struggle banget tp ga neko2. Cantik karena baik tuh gini kali ya

Sabtu, 12 Desember 2015


College friend.

I really not respect his care-because-I-need-him way. But he shows that many solutions you can give to people when you're rich and got all you have.

Mr Teddy

Ex senior.

Basicly kind. But maybe he has another bussiness I'm not understand so he was fired when we work together. The lesson is...

The rule is: never doubt yourself first. Because on your differences of manner between people it's gonna be something you've get to warn. It could be good or bad.

Mrs Julie


Rich, fabulous, always walk in heels. She says: "get your own happiness"


Bestfriend from college.

Damn beautiful and always positive in every way she moves. Sure she is a very good worker. Her hand always produce very good and beautiful things like interiors or bag stuff or clothes. She makes a wow thing.

Pak Kus

Boss. Work well so you'll be get that richness.